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LabWatcher Support and Suggestions

Postby admin » Thu Mar 12, 2015 3:15 pm

User this forum to suggest new features or get support on using the product.

LabWatcher has been under development for 4 months by Greg Buerk. The system has been tested on Gregs home network with 100 devices and a 50Mb internet link. We have seen packet counts as high as 20000 packets per second flow through the scanner and the system is fine. The average CPU usage of this program is about 2-8% and that is under load with the visuals updating. The program has ran continuously for about 2 weeks before clearing the data, this limit has only been self imposed as redesign makes the data not compatible during development.

LabWatcher Supports the SQL Server it installs and will use this to offload the data and be able to run for longer keeping history. Right now the SQL server connection is turned off and this limits the time the program can run continuously. Also the History is NOT trimmed so it will grow and grow, these are issues we will fix but we are tuning the system to analyze the data and not for long term storage. Once the Main System is very stable we will open up the SQL server and make it handle long term storage.

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