Traffic Monitor

The LabWatch Traffic Monitor is a tool that will monitor bandwidth of network links and latency of responses. Bandwidth is monitored using SNMP v1-3 or windows performance counters from across the network. Latency can monitor a Ping result or the time it takes to request a web page using a standard URI.


User Guide - Basic overview of where things are and how to use it.

LabTech Integration Documentation

If the LabTech Agent is detected on the machine that's running the traffic monitor then special features will be available. The first is the program will write the status of each check to the registry as it checks. The location of the Key is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\LabTech\LTTools\LTTrafficMonitor\Status

There is a Proof Of Concept Plugin for LabTech that will allow you to see the graphs from the control center.
Download the Plugin from LabTech Geek.
Once its installed you can open a computer screen for an agent that's running the LT Traffic Monitor and select the Traffic Monitor Tab. Click the Check installation button and it will get the initial config and show you the status of each monitor. You can then dbl click or right click on any of the items in the list and view the graph data.

Screen Shots

SNMP\Performance Counter Graph

Ping Latency Graphs

Web Latency Graphs

Configure the Settings for Ping

Configure the Settings for SNMP

Configure the Settings for SNMP

Configure the Settings for Web