Watch has undergone some major updates and changes to its core.

Whats New
Watch is now integrated with a LabTech agent to report process usage for traffic management. Packet sniffing, mirroring and WinPCap requirements have been removed and replaced with NetFlow, Watch is now compatible with V5,6,8 of Netflow as well as RFlow,CFlow and JFlow. New network scanning engine has been implemented that does detailed detection and monitoring of devices and even provides network topology maps.

Whats removed
the packet sniffer and stats, Packet inspection, Web browsing tracking and virus scanning of processes.

Whats Comming
Automated and Manual Deployment of LabTech, Screenconnect and Chatassist agents. LabTech Agent Detection and Mapping Indicators. LabTech Client Integration for Graph and Data Viewing. Device and Map Sync to Connectwise Configurations. Device Export to Quosal for Replacement Quoting. External Datasource location and Split of collector and GUI.


Watch will track all traffic to the internet and track all active conversations and categorize them. It will track the Processes that are talking on the network when paired with Connectwise Automate(LabTech). It will also track and probe all local assets to identify all devices that are connected to your network and provide a network topology map. All internet traffic will be probed for blacklisted servers, reverse DNS and geolocated.

Top 10 Assets by Hour
LabWatcher is a Internet Traffic Analysis system that tracks and categorizes usage. It also provides Asset scanning, Process monitoring, Bandwidth Monitoring, Connection Status and alerting.

All Destinations are Geolocated and Drillable.
LabWatcher will scan all destination addresses by doing a reverse DNS lookup. It will also do several DNS Blacklist lookups from a user editable list of black list providers. The system will also geolocated the address and plot it on an interactive map. All usage to the destination can be see from a hourly, daily, weekly and monthly graphs.

All Assets Detected on the Network
LabWatcher has a full asset scanner that will identify all the devices on your network. The devices will be probed and discovered using SNMP, SSDP(upnp), CDP(cisco) and other methods. Windows machines can have the remote agent installed to return open ports, processes, CPU and Memory usage. Future LabTech integration will incorporate this functionality into a agent plugin. All remote SNMP assets will have the CPU, Memory and network interface errors monitored and tracked so you can see this information by the minute.

Status of the Internet and Routers Connection
LabWatcher will monitor total internet usage and allow you to view this information by the minute, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. It will also monitor your internet connection and the connection to your provider and you can view this information by the minute, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. You can also view the packet counts and see this information by the minute.

Top 20 Assets Currently Communicating
LabWatcher tracks Internet usage of each asset it see on your network. It tracks this usage through a concept of a flow of information from a source to a destination that might be made of multiple TCP connections from/to different ports. This flow is categorized by a system of rules so it can be show what information is taking the most usage. All of this traffic and flow data can be viewed by the minute, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. This information can be shown via spread sheet, graphs and charts and a interactive animated map.

Network Topology Map

Top CPU, Memory, Disk Space Charts


Install Guide - The Details of the install Process, its all automated by this explains whats happening.
User Guide - Basic overview of where things are and what graphs are showing.
Whats New - Whats been added/changed to the program since last release.


LabWatcher Setup - The Main Program, run this on your desktop or server.
LabWatcher Remote Agent - Manually install the remote agent to report in open ports.

How To do Port Mirroring

Install NProbe on the machine that will do the sniffing. Configure NProbe to send flows to the Watch Computer in version 5 of NetFlow.